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When physical ailments and the limitations related to aging or an injury make it difficult for you or a loved one to keep up with the demands of regular physical activities, essential housekeeping and basic work around the home can be the first to suffer. Maintaining a clean, fresh, well organized living space is an important element to overall health and wellbeing.

The professional in-home caregiving specialists at Right Choice Caregiving perform essential day to day light housekeeping duties for our clients according to their individual needs and specifications.

Some of the light housekeeping tasks that we offer our clients include:


Our in-home caregiving specialists ensure that our clients never run out of clean and fresh bed sheets, towels and personal clothing items. When keeping up with a regular laundry schedule becomes difficult and family members or neighbors are unable to help due to their own time constraints and responsibilities, a Right Choice in-home caregiver can step in to ease the burden.


Keeping the home clean and free of potentially harmful dust, mold, bacteria, and other environmental pollutants and allergens is an important part of staying healthy. The professional caregivers at Right Choice Caregiving provide this service to our clients as part of our overall mission. We are dedicated in making each client feel as if they are being taken care of by a trusted family member or friend.

Trash Collection

Sorting and lifting heavy trash bags and bins can be difficult and even hazardous to manage on a regular basis. The professional in-home caregivers at Right Choice will keep the home free and clear of trash buildup, and ensure that all trash and disposable items are cleared from the home on a regular and timely basis.

Household organization

Our in-home professional caregivers also provide assistance with a range of tasks to keep the home well organized and functioning according to the client’s needs and unique specifications.

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