Right Choice Caregiving in Los Angeles strives to do much more than help clients with household chores like laundry and cooking dinner. While basic household help and care are essential components of the many services Right Choice caregiving specialists provide, the ultimate goal is to make each client feel safe and comfortable in their own home, as if they are being cared for by a trusted family member or friend.

la-caregiverThe decision to enlist the help of an in-home caregiver for oneself or a loved one can be fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Many people worry whether it is affordable, practical, and most importantly, whether the services of an in-home caregiving specialist will result in the loss of personal freedom and autonomy. At Right Choice Caregiving, preserving the client’s dignity and independence is our top priority.

With dedication and commitment to the highest standards of excellence, potential clients can rest assured that their own in-home care needs, or those of a loved one’s, are our staff’s first priority. Some of the many services we provide include:

Personal Care

Personal hygiene

Light Housekeeping

Trash collection
Home organization

Meal Preparation

Prep work
Clean up


Medication Reminders




Dental Cleanings and appointments

Right Choice in-house caregiving specialists are highly trained and subjected to rigorous screening and vetting procedures in order to qualify for employment. The Right Choice Caregiving screening process for in-house caregiving specialists includes:

  • Stringent references check
  • Rigorous background check
  • Nationwide criminal background check
  • Social security verification
  • DMV record
  • Sex offender check

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the services of an in-home caregiver cost?

The cost of in-home caregiving services are generally among the most reasonable and affordable in the healthcare sector. Contact Right Choice Caregiving in Los Angeles today to discuss your needs and financing options.

Will I have a say in the assignment of a caregiver?

Absolutely. Making sure that each client is matched with the caregiver that best suits their needs is our first priority. Right Choice Caregiving offers a free in-home needs assessment designed to help each patient find a caregiver they will be happy with.

What if the caregiver is not a good fit?

In the event that a client and in-house caregiver are not a good fit, Right Choice Caregiving will assign a better suited caregiver to the client at no additional cost.

Contact Right Choice Caregiving today at 800-898-0840 to learn more about our services and to schedule a free in-home needs assessment for yourself or a loved one.