Senior Personal Care Los AngelesMaking the choice to seek in-home care for an aging loved one is not only practical but in the best interest of everyone involved. Not only will the added assistance allow family members to better balance their own time, but the individual for whom the care is for will experience a higher quality of life. It is typical for a senior to feel most comfortable in his or her own home, rather then moving into a nursing facility. Oftentimes, family members attempt to provide care either before or after work and family obligations. Juggling this degree of responsibility can be very difficult for the individual but it can also cause undue stress for the senior. This is where an experienced in-home caregiver comes in.

Right Choice Caregiving offers a wide array of compassionate services to help seniors live the most vibrantly independent life possible. Along with taking over the day-to-day obligations, like grocery shopping, bathing and dressing, Right Choice provides care that goes beyond assistance with the activities of daily living. Options include, but are not limited to, the following.

Home Safety Checks

These checks provide peace of mind for the family members of a senior, as well as for the senior. During an in-home safety check, trained professionals go through the entirety of the individual’s home checking for fire and fall hazards that may have been overlooked. In addition to checking the house, recommendations are made, safety supplies are distributed, smoke alarms are installed, as well as grab bars and hand rails to aid older adults in continuing to live in their home with safety and ease.

Post-Operative Non-Medical Care

This process provides assistance with the rehabilitation process following a surgery. This type of care is incredibly important as post-surgery routines often dictate the success of the procedure. Post-surgery pain can also be avoided with the assistance of in-home care, allowing the individual to rest and avoid the distractions required by engaging in daily routines like preparing meals, housekeeping and bathing.

Support with Medical Appointments

This is another major aid in supporting aging individuals. Trained professionals provide reliable accompaniment and transportation to and from various appointments.

Socialization and Community Integration

Forming and maintain relationships is also hugely important aspects of in home care. Aging individuals often feel secluded and cut off from the general public due to their limited abilities. These feelings of isolation can lead to severe depression, which is unhealthy for both the individual as well as the family. At Right Choice, every step is taken to ensure that your elderly family member is provided not only with companionship but involvement within their surrounding community. Right Choice offers services that seek and arrange transportation to various senior activities to keep individuals active and feeling included in a larger social sphere. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found evidence that seniors with active social lives have a slower rate of memory decline than those who are closed off. This is a huge benefit in aiding in the aging process!

Finding Support Today

Getting older is no easy task, but caring for aging loved ones can be harder still. With compassionate assistance from Right Choice Caregiving, caring for those who cared for you can provide peace of mind and a higher quality of living for all involved. Call Right Choice 24/7 at 800-898-0840 to discuss you in care needs!