Elderly In Home CaregivingWhen making the choice to seek professional in-home care for your aging loved one, most family members are unaware of just how much support can be provided. Along with offering traditional services like reliable transportation to and from various medical appointments, light meal preparation and housekeeping, as well as assistance with bathing and hygiene, Right Choice Caregiving offers a wealth of emotional support. These offerings include:

  • Gardening
  • Crafts and recreational projects
  • Help with correspondence
  • Home organization
  • Reading

Positive Outcomes

While many seniors require help with the tasks of everyday living, Right Choice Caregiving doesn’t stop there. At Right Choice, we go beyond the standard routine, not only helping the individual but enhancing his or her life to the fullest degree by providing a link between your aging family member and a wealth of social and recreational activities.

Gardening has long been known to be a major stress reliever at any age. Getting outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and getting in touch with nature are important ways for the senior to stay in touch with the outside world. Too much time indoors has been known to cause depression. Your aging loved one will greatly benefit from spending some time outside, being active while simultaneously creating a beautiful garden, all with the help of a professional caregiver.

Crafts and recreational projects are another way for your loved one to maintain a sense of self. Being creative is a wonderful way for seniors to express themselves and remain active. Participation in art programs has been proven to have a very positive long-term effect on aging individuals. For example, art provides:

  • A sense of choice and control
  • Nonverbal communication and expression
  • Reduced stress, fear and anxiety

Engaging in creative endeavors is a great way for seniors to gain a sense of control over their lives.

Help with correspondence and paying bills is crucial for seniors. Of course, it’s important for bills to be paid promptly and efficiently, but it’s just as important for the elderly to stay in touch with friends and family through letter writing. Keeping up with the daily lives of loved ones enhances overall health and wellness.

Home organization is another important service provided by caregivers. Oftentimes, a home is no longer best suited for a senior. Home organization is about more then tidying up around the house. This type of organization makes the house a safer, more hospitable place by redistributing items so that they can be easily found or utilized. For example, moving items within cupboards so that the senior can reach what is most necessary at any given time.

Due to failing eyesight, many seniors are no longer able to sit down and enjoy the comforts a good book. Reading aloud is a wonderful form of entertainment for the elderly that is both relaxing and engaging. Reading aloud stimulates discussion and reminiscence, as well as alleviates boredom, which can often lead to depression.

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